Pre/Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

Cosmetic lymphatic drainage comprises 2 phases PRE and POST surgery.

The 1st phase would entail a full body or full face, depending on the surgery site lymphatic drainage (MLD) treatment during the week prior to surgery.
It is recommended that at least 1-2 sessions are performed, to prepare the tissues for surgery, advance the healing process, facilitate the immune system and stimulate the drainage of toxins and excess fluids.

Our therapists have been trained by our medical team and have specific experience and knowledge on each type of surgery.

In order to optimize recovery and results the benefits are:
  • Reduction in bruising: fluids are transported by the lymphatic system up to 10 times faster with the addition of massage lymph-drainage (MLD). Bruising is, therefore, able to heal in a fraction of the time, allowing the patient to resume activities of daily living without the worry or need to cover up.
  • Reduction in edema: MLD reroutes lymph fluid to the collateral and viable pathways untouched by surgery, enabling accelerated drainage as opposed to the usual slow trickle of tissue fluids at the operative site.
  • Pain management: With a reduced pressure of lymph around the nerves, pain and discomfort are relieved. The treatment also benefits from being painless and relaxing – try not to fall asleep!
  • Minimizes scarring and prevents fibrosis: The build-up of lymph fluids sitting either beneath the incision or within interstitial space can solidify. The formation of scar tissue and fibrotic tissue takes place. MLD prevents the build-up and hence solidification of lymph fluid, leaving a more seamless and less-restricted scar.
  • Prevents infection: in this instance, post-surgical MLD is essential when we consider stagnating lymph fluid. It can become an infectious substance and warrant an artificial drain, which is in turn painful, costly and time-consuming.
  • Stress relief: the treatment relaxes the sympathetic nervous system – helping to relieve stress.