At every age the roots of beauty reside in the balance of physiological values of the organism and in the harmony of forms.
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Dr. Borbon

I'm often told that our work has an artistic side, sometimes some even venture the hypothesis that we are artists. I always reply that I prefer to think of myself as a craftsman as well as a doctor.
However, I think that in my work there is a style and a way of approaching the material, perhaps an artistic one, and that these go beyond the techniques learned and the materials used.
I think this style and vision can make a difference in terms of results.
I don't believe in canons of beauty, often imposed and excluding, in perfection and its research.
I believe in the wonder of uniqueness, in harmony and not symmetry.
I believe that time cannot be stopped but I am certain that it can accompany us in the marks it leaves on us.
I find marvelous everything that has been in contact with time, such as the small imperfections of a Japanese ceramic, marvelous in its shape and surface, whose signs of time have made it even more unique and precious.
Neither I nor my staff will ever make empty promises, nor will we offer patients treatments with poor results, often a marketing and advertising blunder.
We do not use terms that, although very common, hide a promise that is impossible to keep: we do not use the term anti-aging, but aging-management. Have you really ever known someone who has blocked time?
We dedicate travel, resources, and time to researching the best techniques and technologies to give maximum results, making our offer the most complete in Italy and Europe.
Many people ask me why we don't do certain treatments. Simple: we only offer treatments that are effective, safe, and have a high satisfaction rate. If a procedure, a material or an intervention does not satisfy these principles, we do not offer it.
I believe that, in addition to constant technical and technological research and training, there is a personal way of approaching my work, which I would call sensitivity. This generates a style that makes our results effective but not obvious, ameliorative but not transformative, personalized and never standardized. Every face deserves a reflection and a project, no one deserves homologation.

Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery that is also ethical and elegant, never vulgar.
The Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery that you don't see around.

The Studio

Studio Borbon occupies the first noble floor of an early 19th-century building protected by the Monuments and Fine Arts Department. It is in Conciliazione district, the heart of Milan. The Studio is between Corso Magenta and the wonderful Piazza Giovine Italia, located less than 100 meters from the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie which hosts, among other masterpieces, the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

In this unique setting, Dr. Borbon and his team of architects and interior designers have conceived the Studio thinking of the comfortable intimacy of the Milanese aristocratic apartments. At the same time, they equipped the space with the most advanced technologies for the safe execution of all medical aesthetic and regenerative procedures. We have designed private waiting rooms where patients can stay awaiting treatment without having to meet other people and dedicated paths for their privacy.

The Studio is equipped with an air filtration system, the same used by NASA for air recirculation, which eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria by filtering large volumes every minute. Our patients are welcomed by a constantly evolving collection of international art and a selection of original furniture by the most significant Italian designers of the last 50 years.

We think that beauty and culture are a fundamental value to well-being and that they must be declined and expressed not only in our results but in every aspect of our working and private life. Art, architecture, and hospitality are part of our natural hallmarks.

The Team

With Studio Borbon X we create “Health & Wellness” solutions for luxury 5 stars Hospitality destinations. Our job is to design advanced high-efficiency clinics: multidisciplinary yet simple structures that integrate hospitality with advanced beauty treatments and medical wellness, in order to guarantee high patient satisfaction with non-invasive, cost-effective technologies.



The experience at Studio Borbon is not limited to visits and treatments, we curate every aspect of your staying with us. In order to fulfill every need, we have developed a concierge service.

Our concierge manager has twenty years of experience in 5-star luxury hotels and has accepted the challenge of dedicating her knowledge full time to our patients. More and more people come to visit us from abroad or from other parts of Italy: you can count on us to organize your trip to Milan. We can accommodate you at selected and affiliated hotels where you can spend a few days in the city for pleasure or for after-procedure care. We organize all types of public or private transport: flights, medical assisted transfers, or drivers for those coming from outside the city or for those who do not want to drive. We provide a consultancy service for obtaining visas and permits for our non-EU patients. We can help you discover the incredible cultural, gastronomic, and fashion offer that Milan offers and which is not always immediate and accessible. We take care of every aspect of your after-surgery care by organizing home visits and 24hrs assistance.

We believe that a high standard of service, like in the best hotels in the world, helps a serene and relaxed consultation or intervention, essential prerequisites for achieving our unique results.