Founder, Scientific Director, Aesthetic Surgeon, Regenerative Medicine Expert

Dr. Giulio Borbon

Founder, Scientific Director, Aesthetic Surgeon, Regenerative Medicine Expert
After getting his degree in Medicine and Surgery, Giulio Borbon continued his professional growth with intensive training in Barcelona (Spain) in the ground-breaking biochemical hubs Clinica Planas and Hospital Cima.

Next, he specialised under Professor Roger K. Khouri at the Miami Breast Center (Key Biscayne, Florida) in lipofilling, NanoFat and massive fat grafting techniques and continued this study in Italy, earning a Master’s degree in Aesthetic and Morphodynamic Surgery at Humanitas University, and then worked, among other places, in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department at the San Giuseppe Hospital of Milan, in the MultiMedica group.

In 2015, he developed and founded IVEE SOLUTIONS®, the first regenerative medicine and intravenous antioxidant support service in Europe.
In 2019, Dr. Borbon was nominated one of the Top 20 ‘European Best Injectors’.
In 2020, Dr. Borbon perfected and patented the Pro-fill® technique, an innovative, non-invasive injection treatment for face contouring in the lower third of the face, now exclusively available at Studio Borbon Milano®.