Lipofilling / Fat Grafting

Can fat be taken from an area where it is abundant and transferred to a site that needs more volume? 
It absolutely can!
This question, often jokingly asked by patients, is answered by lipofilling, meaning the transfer of your own fat from one area to another.
This simple technique can take up fat, usually from the hips or belly, through atraumatic micro-cannulas using a filtration/purification process, and then inject it into areas that have lost volume or trophism.

Refilling tissue with fat has many other advantages: the softness of this tissue confers a natural, even result; adipose tissue is a rich source of stem cells, allowing the attainment of volume as well as an improvement in skin and tissue quality.
This is a technique we have great experience with, one that provides satisfaction for various needs through its versatility and mild invasiveness. In fact, it can be used in procedures from restoring facial volumes with a few vials of fat to true body remodelling by transferring large amounts of adipose tissue from areas where there is an excess (hips, abdomen) to areas that need more volume (glutei, breasts) with lasting and absolutely natural results, without stitches or visible scars.

facial volume re-absorption, wrinkles, facial asymmetry, breast reconstruction, loss of volume in upper or lower quadrants, buttock enhancement
lipofilling, autologous transfer of adipose tissue
local + sedation
mild to moderate
2-7 days
from 1 hour to several hours