Skin Therapist, cosmetic product specialist

Marica Battaini

Skin Therapist, cosmetic product specialist
Graduated with honors from the school of Massotherapy Kern School of Milan, Marica began a career and training as a Beauty Expert in large companies of the L'Oréal group, specializing in soin and skincare consulting for the brand Carita Paris and becoming a tailor-made treatment therapist at Dermalogica.
Marica is one of the first non-medical figures to complete the prestigious course at Agora School of Aesthetic Medicine as Medical Assistant.
After an exclusive shadowing with Dr. Borbon, Marica begins a long Biologique Recherche training to become a certified Skin Therapist, successfully completing it. Marica is a leading expert in personalized treatments of the renowned French brand and the protocols shared only at Studio Borbon.
Marica's service is a fundamental complement to the work of the Doctor: a professional figure who acts under the direction of the medical staff for cosmetic treatments to accompany Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and Dermatology.
Expert Skin Therapist, she will advise you on the best cosmetic treatments and on which products to use in your beauty routine, in order to always have the best results without wasting resources.