Clinic Dermatology Specialist

Dr. Linda Meligeni

Clinic Dermatology Specialist
Dr. Linda Meligeni, with a degree in Medicine and Surgery, pursued a specialisation in dermatology and venereology and a Level II Master’s in thermal medicine, thalassotherapy and medical climatology.

An expert in the speciality field of clinical dermatology, allergology, dermo-cosmetics and oncology, she is the author of numerous scientific publications in dermatology.

Dr. Meligeni works with Studio Borbon performing specialist dermatology consultations, dermatoscopy for the early diagnosis of skin cancers and allergic and aesthetic dermatology. She is very successful at the removal of skin spots and dyschromias, peeling, biorevitalisation, fillers, PRP, needling and photodynamic therapy to treat non-melanoma cancers of the skin. 

Along with the other professionals at the studio, Dr. Meligeni brings great dedication to providing individual patients the offerings open to those who visit Studio Borbon, with the most advanced aesthetic dermatology and prevention and treatment of skin diseases.